Music, art and a rich sports life and also add really great homes, good schools and last but not least, a developing career. On 7-8 June, Ny in Värmland invites, together with employers and municipalities in west Värmland, 30 persons to the event 24 hours west Värmland. You meet employers, get to know others who are curious of Värmland, experience new places, new tastes and get to experience the lovely lifestyle of Värmland.

Welcome to apply for your position throw link below (its in Swedish but you will get it :)).

When: 7-8 of June, lunch-to-lunch

Where: Charlottenberg and Arvika

How: Come as you are, and bring your family if so.

Sign up on link below or email kristina@nyivarmland.se (Only 30 positions, last application day 29/5.)

Why: To be inspired to a career and the life style of Värmland and to build up your social and professional network.

Price: Free – we offer 24h hours all inclusive*

* We account for up to SEK 500 / person and travel, upon presentation of receipt

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact kristina@nyivarmland.se or 0763-91 95 03