There are days in Marju Himma-Kadakas’s life when she wonders if all of the latest experiences really happened.

Marju and her family made a change in life when they decided to relocate to Sweden for an international career. It has been a challenge. Both considering moving to Sweden from another country; Estonia. As well as learning the culture, a new language and adapting to the society. Although all of this has been tough sometimes, the process has been smooth thanks to Ny I Värmland. “I remember when I received an email from Ny I Värmland thinking that it seemed too good to be true”.

Providing the service from Ny I Värmland gives you an invaluable opportunity to make your special talent to feel safe and comfortable through the relocation process. The mobility service gives everyone involved a smooth and pleasant time.

Together with her husband, Valdur, and their two children, Marju came to Sweden with the ambition to achieve a work-life-balance while having an international career at the university of Karlstad. The family moved into a typical Swedish house in Karlstad found by Ny I Värmland, and they love it truly. “My children often compare our current life with ‘Alla vi barn I Bullerbyn’”. For decades children in Estonia have read the book, but Marju have never met anyone who would have thought that this sort of happy and natural life could actually be true. But it is!

As earlier mentioned, it was not always obvious that the family would make a big change in life. Marju was concerned about her husband who would have to give up his job, as well as she thought about how the children would have to learn Swedish in a new school. Marju valued all the pros and cons with a relocation, and it was by this time she got an email from Ny i Värmland telling her that they would support her and the family through the whole relocation process.

Settling down in a new country with help from Ny I Värmland and has helped Marju and the family to feel comfortable and confident in their new life. “I’m happy my children can experience and enjoy the Swedish natural environment, the lakes and forests”.