Expedition Sweden IT – 11th of March (Digital)

The 11th of march, we have gathered the most interesting employers in the Swedish western region Värmland! It is a great mixture of start-ups, consultants and product companies.

Together with employers, we invite you who is looking for a career in Sweden within in IT to be digitally inspired to live and work in Värmland. In addition to a live studio program, you meet the employers you think sound most interesting during shorter 20-minute interviews. This is a unique opportunity to start your career in Sweden, make contacts and gain an insight into what Värmland has to offer.

So, if you’ve thinking of changing your life, then this event is for you!

Please, apply before 20th of February

Application process

  • Apply by filling the field out in “apply now”
  • We contact you for a short interview
  • We evaluate and chose the candidates that has the strongest profile and suits best to the need of the employers.
  • We present the accepted candidates for the employers and you also get to wish for empoyer to meet, and based on both wishes, you are scheduled in 20-minute interviews.


Please contact Emma Balderud emma@nyivarmland.se or call +46 (0)706216163

We are looking for you who

  • Is interested in a career in Sweden
  • Have 5+ years of experience as developer or architect

Apply now!

12 + 14 =

Relocation service

For all internationela clients we offer a relocation service, where we help you with all you need to move here, such as admin, home serch, school for kids and jobs for partner. Please read more clicking on the link below.

Inspiration to life in Sweden

Relocation from Estonia

Relocation from Estonia

There are days in Marju Himma-Kadakas’s life when she wonders if all of the latest experiences really happened. Marju and her family made a change in life when they decided to relocate to Sweden for an international career. It has been a challenge. Both considering...

Family life in Sweden

Family life in Sweden

Emilie and her family moved to Värmland for a more family-friendly culture where the children can grow up safely and are well taken care of in school and pre-school. It was a year and a half ago that Emilie and her husband Jon re-evaluated their life situation. As a...

Finding job as international

Finding job as international

For Mathilde, the move was initiated from a dream of a new lifestyle. The move with the family to Sweden meant, in addition to a new language and a new culture, a challenging period of adaptation. In connection with Mathilde's husband Bertrand being offered a job as a...

Read about life in

Sweden at sweden.se

Employers Expedition Sweden 11 mars

Said by previous candidates

Thank you so much for a very professional event. You easily exceeded my high expectations.


What a good setup. The mix between streaming and interview was superb. Welcoming even though it was online.

Thank you so much for letting me join!


Just want to thank you for a nice afternoon and a very nice event with interesting information about the housing market and labor market in Karlstad / Värmland.
Well done!


Thanks so much. You did this well! 🙂