Developer in Sweden

Work as a developer in Sweden? Sweden has a strong and growing technology industry in a wide range of branches. Finance, gaming, telecommunication, industry and healthcare is some of them. The country is technologically advanced and has a focus on innovation and cutting-edge projects.
You can find many international tech companies like Spotify, Skype and King. They all have their headquarters or regional offices so we are known for its thriving start-up scene. This is one reason the job market offers diverse opportunities in various industries and companies.

Work as a developer in Sweden, Värmland

The job market in Värmland in western Sweden may be smaller compared to larger cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg but still offers opportunities for those looking to work in the tech industry. Some key factors like:

  • The tech industry is growing because there are several innovative and technologically advanced companies in the area that specialize in software development. You can find both smaller start-ups and large established international companies.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and modern work environments.
  • Traditionally Värmland is strong in traditional process industry and the demand of digitalization of this sector affects the growth of the tech industry in a positive way.
  • Värmland has a tight-knit tech community and there is a focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing among software developers. Have a look at Compare a IT cluster. 

Overall, the software developer market in Värmland may be smaller, but it still offers opportunities. For those who are looking to work in the tech industry and enjoy a high quality of life, this is the place!

Expedition Sweden for developers

Expedition Sweden is a digital recruitment event for you who is looking for a tech career in Sweden. Expedition Sweden is a full service concept, if you sign with any of the employers at the event, we will help you with home search, administration, working permit etc.

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Welcome to Sweden

Our mission is to make it easy for you to settle down in Sweden. We offer a wide range of services and support during your journey. We assist with the entire relocation process, including finding your dream home, establishing a career and building a social network. After arrival, you will find a welcoming community of fellow expatriates and Swedes.