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Alright, now maybe the job is in place, a home is starting to take shape, but hey, where did my social life go and where to find that nice Swedish lifestyle?

Join in on our fun activity meetings based on your interests. We coordinate and initiate the meetups. Type of activities are entirely based on your needs; it can be anything from strolls to mingle events.

Here is how

  1.  Digital coffee once a month

We meet digitally giving a brief introduction of ourselves and our background, interests and what activities we enjoy. It could be anything from running to “Swedish Fika´´

  1.  Ny i Värmland coordinates 

Based on what is learned in the meeting, subgroups are created on Facebook / messenger within a given area. We are a part of every subgroup to organize and facilitate a cohesive group.

  1. You meet and have a really nice time together

This brings a wide range of activities and conversations. The meeting could be anything from someone to join in the MTB track or a lunch with table to 10. With that being said, the schedule times and involvement of us at Ny in Värmland varies according to the need. Costs are paid individually.


Price druing summer 2020: Free

Price during fall 2020:  SEK 350 / season and is paid for prior to the first activity meeting.


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